Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Monday Report

Dear Mom,
I'm glad to hear from you again.  It's been years.  It feels like my family has given up on me.   I'm glad you still care.   I wish you guys would write me more.  There are five of you, so if if you guys had days that you wrote me I would love to hear from all of you i.e. (Mom Monday, Ryan Tuesday,Ashton Wednesday, Colin Thursday, Dad Friday). Your emails really brighten my week.  
A bird's-eye view of Allentown, PA

Now that the rebuking is over, I had a great week.  We have had a lot of great lessons this week and the two families we have, are both progressing.  The Adhikari kids are bounce-off-the-wall-crazy.  It's hard to teach them, but their baptism will be on the 31st.  The other family are the Mendozas.  They have baptismal dates for June 7th.  Sister Mendoza is doing great and so is her brother David, but he is starting to ask some weird questions.   I hope is isn't searching for anti-Mormon propaganda. Our last baptism is Benjamin Bonaparte, we are having ups and downs with him he is going through a hard time so he is hard to
contact sometimes, but all the lessons we have taught him have helped
him to make huge improvements in his life but because of scheduling
issues we will probably have to move his date back.

I have some things that I need and for the birthday.  First,  is a black tie.  Just a plain black tie and any others you might choose.  The second, is some music.  Ask Matt if he can get me a "quiet house" CD.  Don't worry it is mission appropriate and any other mission appropriate CD's you want to send.  And if you want to be rebellious, a booster-pack of magic cards would make my day.   
I'm going to also going to send some pictures like you asked hope you like them.

-Elder Dean
The Lehigh Valley is one of the worst places for allergies.  
Because there is so much plant gunk that can't leave.  
The side picture looks like the bundle has a face.

It's a bunch of flowers.  
They looked like sandbags blowing around in
the parking lot.

Self-entitled, "The Thug Life"

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