Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Little Good News

May 17, 2015

Mom: Here's a text I received tonight...

Happy Sunday Elder Dean's family!
Just wanted to send a quick note and picture of your missionary.  He is doing well here in Allentown in the Whitehall Ward. My husband and I are both from Utah, so it was fun to hear he is from Provo. 
I was grateful for him and his companion today, while we were waiting for my husband to get home they helped entertain my kids on the trampoline.  (I can assure you they were very careful and no one got hurt.) 

He also mentioned his birthday is coming up on the 31st.  Is there a special treat we could make to share with him on that day he would like? Well, we hope things are well for you and your family!  We will do our best to look after and support your son in his service while he is here. 

Take care.
Sister Smith

Mom:  It's always fun to hear about your Elder.  Thank you Sister Smith and Smith children for entertaining the missionaries.  Oh by the way, Elder Dean loves Granny B's sugar cookies with pink frosting!  Yum!  


  1. Aww this is is excellent. What a fun thing to get on a Sunday.

    1. I agree! Thank goodness for little kids! They make everything doable!