Monday, May 18, 2015

A Home Away From Home

May 18, 2015

The twin sized beds
Where the action takes place.
Dearest Mother, 
My week has had its ups and downs.  A lot of good things have happened.  This week we did great as missionaries, we met all the standards of excellence, and even exceeded a few.  I had "golden" retraining this Tuesday, where we drove to the mission office, and I got to see the people in my MTC district.  As I was talking to them they were telling me about their areas, some were also in the ghetto, but me and my companion were some of the most successful missionaries there, at least in numbers (I won't let my pride get the best me).  We have about seven baptisms scheduled.  My companion and I are very blessed in that manner.

There has also been some bad this week. The Spanish speaking Elders down the street got bed bugs so they needed to get their house fumigated.  They had to clean everything and they had to stay the night at our apartment (we made sure they were clean, I am not getting bedbugs!) One of the elders slept on the couch, the other shared a twin sized bed with my companion, one head at the foot of the bed the other's head was at the top.  They slept butt to butt.   Just so you know I barely fit on my bed so I don't know how they slept at all that night. Things always go up and down in this mission.
The stairs to the outside?  

     Mom I'll bare my testimony to you that this is the true church.  That the gospel that I am preaching changes lives and I know that I am in Allentown for a reason and that is to help people to change their lives and to help them build families.   I know that you raised me well and that even though some times are rough, that it's just to polish me up and help me to be a better missionary.   I love you.

-Elder Dean
El Commode


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