Monday, February 1, 2016

Well things sound pretty much the same back home. Cold, The suburban is broken, and Ashton in tears again. Things here are also pretty "normal". I think Elder Weston is getting tired of my weird noises.  We  have just been doing busy work and have had  a few good lessons. This week we have a lot of scheduled lessons so things shouldn't be to hectic either. The only news I can think of is that transfers come in two weeks and Elder Weston will most likely be leaving.

How is Colin doing?  Is everything going well for him?   I hear a lot of news about Ashton and some of Ryan but I never here about what Colin is doing.

Also how are you holding up with school and work or just school (has your semester started?).   I am pretty warm here it's 65 degrees again I feel like it's going to be like winter in Utah last year it's just not going to happen.

-Elder Dean

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