Monday, February 1, 2016

Catching Up

Hey Mom, how's it going?  I'm glad to see Ryan has done well in the pinewood derby and I'm sorry to hear that Helen and Chuck died, but they're in a better place now.

This week has been kind of weird because of the snow storm.  As Ryan would say it ,"we were pretty much trapped for three days".

So, Friday before the storm hit our mission president grounded our cars at 4:00 so that nobody would get caught in the storm. We walked up to the church after that (it's half a mile from our apartment) and did some paperwork. After that, we came home and watched the snow fall from our window.

The next day, it was still snowing pretty hard, and we live about two miles from the main area we work, so we stayed in our apartment and did weekly planning, made a few calls and cleaned the place.  We also got a call telling us church was canceled and that the roads were still icy so the cars would be grounded an additional day.

So Sunday we didn't do much... we sat in silence all day.  So if you add up  all the time, we were in our apartment for about 68 hrs straight.  It was a "super fun" weekend.

What about you guys?  Anything fun happen in the past week?

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