Monday, February 8, 2016

Elder Dean and Elder Weston.  Transfers are on Wednesday and it is suspected
that Elder Weston will transfer.  We shall see.  

February 8th, 2016

Dear Mom,
There are a lot of interesting things that happen in Salisbury, especially when you are a missionary.  There are the "unique" people you meet, I think you heard some of the stories (flat world guy, the pastor who blessed my bronchial tubes, the witch) meeting those people was definitely an experience. 

But, there are also a lot of people who I am blessed to work with, such as Quinton Davis a recent convert who was baptized just before I got into the area. He was introduced to the gospel through his friend Robin Johnson and has found that it is true and we are helping him to get to the temple now. It's just another testimony for me about member missionary work. Some of the great investigators are Lionelf Florian a Haitian man who has been searching for Christ for a long time and had a dream about us knocking on his door before we came.  Another investigators is John Darby, John is ready to be baptized he is just having some struggles giving up smoking.
Some of the most interesting things that have happened here are changes within myself. One of the biggest changes I've seen within myself is how much I've improved at talking to people. Not that it was a huge struggle before my mission (it kinda was). My main goal, when talking to people, is to make them feel comfortable and important.  I am still far from perfect though. I also feel that in someways I'm a little more creative and willing to try new things, especially in cooking.   I enjoy trying to make new things and sometimes they even turn out okay. 

Another thing I have learned on my mission is what my weaknesses are and what I can do to improve them. One of my weaknesses is that I liked to be constantly entertained.   I dislike having nothing to do, but luckily on the mission our goal is to stay busy as
possible. Another weakness I have is how much stuff I hold onto that I don't need to.   I got some advice from uncle Jeff that really helped me.  He said,"So here's my advice for you, Trevor.  Enjoy your mission.  Work and serve and do your best.  But don't let
inconsequential things get you down.  Don't hold on to things, patterns or experiences that don't 'spark joy'.  If you have companions you don't care for, just realize that transfers come and go and don't hold on to it.  If you find yourself in a work or study habit that doesn't spark joy, let it go and try something else.  Take the good with you as you serve in different areas, but leave the unwanted, unliked and unused items and joyless habits and patterns behind.  It's all up to you to make of your mission what you will." 
It really inspired me this week to simplify things.  Because I only have so much time on my mission to learn, so why should I hold onto silly grudges and feelings of disappointment.   I can be doing so much more. I know that Heavenly Father helps each of us to over come our weaknesses so they become strengths (Ether 12:27). I know I'm still learning and will continue to make mistakes but I also know that every time I fall a hand will be there to help me up. I just have to keep trying.
-Elder Dean

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