Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hola Hermano Dean Adios Elder Dean

September 8, 2015

Dear Mom,

So, I have been re-assigned to a new area...Atlantic City, NJ... the land of Snooki.  It's a unique area.  First off, I've been assigned to a Spanish speaking area with my new companion, Elder Cruz.  I am totally lost.  Most of our lessons are in Spanish, but I'm trying my best. The Atlantic City branch had its final Sunday meeting this last Sunday and now is being absorbed into the Linwood Ward.

View from Elder Dean's Window
Atlantic City is a unique place to say the least... talk about being part of the world but not of it, but I think I will enjoy it. The majorities are people from Bangladesh, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Mexico. I am enjoying the weather here, but New Jersey is a weird place.  They won't let you pump your own gas... an attendant does it for you.  It feels strange, but gas is super cheap.  Also, all the casinos means something is always going on, like fire works ever Friday night and jet flybys.  There are also a lot of poor areas that you can only go by during the day.

Our house is right near the waterway (the picture is the view from my desk) so there are a lot of boats just cruising around. It's also super humid out now.  It's cooling down, but on hot days it's really sticky.  But I know the church is true in all places and that if we work hard we can turn this area around.

-Elder Dean

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