Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Should I stay or should I go now?" -The Clash

Hey.... We have had a really strange week with a lot of ups and downs.  One of the ups is that we had the baptism of Xaymara Fajardo which was awesome.  I was able to baptize her.  In case I haven't said too much about her, she is the daughter of a less active family who was super interested in being baptized.  I will send pictures next week of the baptism.  She will be my 9th baptism out in the field (in case you are counting).  We are being very blessed.

We had a crazy encounter when one of our recent converts broke up with his girlfriend and sent us the epitome of suicide notes. We spent the next day hunting him down.  We found him at his job and talked to him there.  He has been very stressed recently, but we were able to talk him through it.

Also, transfer calls are this Friday so I will learn if I am staying in Allentown or moving to a new area... exciting!  I hope you guys are doing just as well as I am... going on cruises, riding jet skis and such.  I will make sure to send pictures next week.

-Elder Dean

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