Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Making Decisions

2015 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Zone Conference 
Hey!  It's time for the new weekly email (audience applause).  We have had a great week here in Allentown.  Elder Fernandes and I have been keeping ourselves busy.  We are having a baptism this Saturday for Xaymara Fajardo.  She is the daughter of a less active family who we are helping re-activate, so we are super exited and I will try to send pictures next week.

Companion News
Elder Fernandes and I are still working well together.  He is a cool companion and we are getting along great.  Here are some things you might not know about Elder Fernandes: he has Tourettes; he is Portuguese, Hawaiian, and Japanese; and he wants to be an aerial lineman (google it).

Elders Dean and Fernandes go to White Castle
White Castle, the home of the slider, is part of the true East Coast experience... one of the essential East Coast food chains. It is a disappointment.  Those are the only words I have to say.  But the tiny cheesesteak place attached to the Home Depot is the best steak in town. I am making a pact to never go to a chain on my mission again.  There is just too much good food I would be passing up to do so.

Making Decisions
This week I thought a lot about making decisions. I know if I hadn't
made the decision to put in my papers with you and dad that night when I sat on your laundry basket, I wouldn't be out here now.  There is a great talk by Henry B. Eyring in the 2007 April General Conference called "This Day".  It is about making decisions now.  Another is "Choose to Believe" By Elder L. Whitney in the 2015 April Conference.  I love you, I love dad and I love all three of my awesome siblings. I want to be an Eternal family...that is the decision I have made.

-Elder Dean

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