Monday, April 4, 2016

A tribute to my year mark.  I got my haircut just like it was when I entered the MTC
So good news, I'll be staying in Salisbury for another 6 weeks! When this transfer is over I will have been in Salisbury for 6 months.  Also, I thought we also had a really great General Conference.   I thought all the talks really spoke to me in someway.  Did you have any talks that stuck out to you or any favorites?  One of my favorite talks was given in priesthood session by President Nelson when he talks about the price of priesthood power. Russell M Nelson The price of priesthood power.htm

There have been a lot of things I have been learning about the past few weeks, but one of the coolest ones is about the power that comes from Heavenly Father to those who are diligent.  As we focus ourselves, on becoming dedicated to his work, even if it's just small mundane tasks (like talking to random people on the
street)(or follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost) our dedication allows Heavenly Father to bless us with increasing power.  It's a lot like exercise.  Before and after an exercise we may not feel that different, but over weeks and weeks weights feel like they become lighter not because the weight changed but because we changed. It is the same as we strive to become Christlike.  As we chose to follow the Savior, even though the first step is sometimes hard, it like forgiveness as we forgive it become easier to forgive. The gospel is pretty cool.

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